33. Child on the beach

Mother and child are in different but also same worlds.

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2 Responses to 33. Child on the beach

Anne Blair
Dear Hilary,

I am enjoying the 100 day initiative very much.

Congratulations on the concept, and the body of work.

We are a little over-committed with art purchases at this time. A new 'Scottish Colourist' has just ben brought to our attention via and exhibition currently on in Edinborough. the 'Scottish Colourists' are the Scottish branch of the Fauvres, Jim's all-time favourites, whose painting sojourns in France we have been following for some years. jim is considering some sales from our collection to finance a new buy (probably will come to noyhing).

Keep on with your work, and I hope to have a long talk by phone soon. All best, Anne.

It is great to hear from you Anne. I am pleased that you are enjoying the initiative.

I am working hard creating the pieces but I will try to catch up with you soon.

cheers, Hilary

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