GENERATING IDEAS: Visual Diaries, Work books, Learning Journals – From concept to finished work

According to Mark Parfitt, an Artist and University lecturer, (Visual Diaries) “…allow all kinds of learners to nurture creativity.” He says they provide”…a sense of identity, cultural perspective and desirable thinking skills.”

As a practicing artist I have been using Visual Diaries extensively for many years. They are the mainstay of my work. They are a place for me to play, think and explore. I delve into them to develop ideas for exhibition pieces.

I am providing an “Artist’s incursion” for VCE Art, VCE Studio Art or IB Visual Art – It isa great introduction for students into the use of Visual Diaries.

Bringing my Visual Diaries to your class room for students to look at and see idea development first hand I can show them how I have taken concepts from original drawings and extended through to examples of finished exhibited work.  I will share my experiences of running an art practice discussing; getting started, the management of your time, art history research and annotation and its purpose.

Amanda Snell, Head of Art at PLC commented – “Content was EXCELLENT – as it showed the students that they could gain inspiration from their immediate environment – it didn’t have to be something extraordinary to develop into a strong sustainable theme of investigation. The talk  provided an insight into the working context of an artist.- the initial idea, rough drawings, experimentation with materials  through to finished works.” 

Letitia Morrow a VCE Studio Arts teacher commented – “The talk was a perfect fit for Studio Arts. It was exactly what I tell them to do, but to be able to visualise it in such a concrete way was excellent… the examples provided were very good. Yes there were enough diaries to look at. Content was excellent”. “The timing was perfect for Yr 12 students”.

Mrs Heather Landman, Head of Art,  St Margaret’s Senior School, Berwick. commented on the delivery of the presentation – “Well paced and directed to students level of comprehension but extending this.” …Was the content suitable? “Yes, Great to see an informed art practice to finished work.” 

The Incursion takes around an hour. 

For bookings, please use the contact page.  ABN: 40 186 396 918

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