Publication – The Visual Diary: Generating Ideas

Project Rationale

I am working on a publication on the use of Visual Diaries for both the class room and personal use.

A Visual Diary is a collection of all the visual thinking around the development of an idea.  

In the school context students are required to use them more and more even in the primary years. Knowing how to use one effectively will overcome the key challenge student’s encounter in that they often want to make their first idea without any refinement or development. Using them properly can help create powerful and unique art works.

Visual Diaries have been the basis in my own art practice for over 10 years. It will demystify and explain how to get started and what to do. I have fleshed out the bulk of the concepts and will seek out my writing mentor’s advice and industry (teachers) advice as well. It’s is proving to be an exciting project.

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