100-day initiative

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This initiative managed to pack 67 pieces with 13 different themes into 100 days, all of which were gone as they were published. This was an experiment to challenge my creativity.

30-day Initiative

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It's amazing that kids as young as 4 managed to link to the figures in my pieces when I asked them to draw on a finished piece. Posted online during a 30-day initiative as part of a residency at Emmanuel Kindergarten and Murrumbeena Play Group.

Drawing Together Art Prize

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Works specifically produced for my entry to the $82k National Art Prize: Drawing Together in commemoration of Aboriginal Reconciliation of 1967. The piece titled “Blended City” was a finalist and exhibited at the National Archives of Australia for a month.

Crowds - fortyfivedownstairs Exibition

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Explorations of the complexity of crowds, this solo exhibition includes works which were developed in the studio from sketches made on-site at the station, the shops, on the street...

Crowds - Online Exhibition

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The thick black lines are drizzled freehand from hundreds of gestural studies made on-site where people gather. With more than one figure in the picture it becomes all about relationships.

Working together

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These pieces were developed in response to the devastating floods in Queensland, Australia.

Tervuren Exhibition in Belgium

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This solo exhibition captures life in Tervuren (Belgium) as well as in London.

Turkey Series

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The bustling, busy life on the streets contrasts with the quiet and private time spent in the apartment or on the balcony. Just like the contrast between the populated beach and the private space under your umbrella. There is also some reportage drawing here of culturally different practices I observed and delighted in.

Belgium Series

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The rich and diverse shapes of people’s winter clothes, their scarves, hats and bubble jackets in close proximity to each other on the Metro, at the cinema or cafes have all attracted my interest as an Australian expat.

London Series

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With fresh expat eyes I was capturing aspects of daily life, the boarding house, the cafes, the skaters, swans in Hyde Park as well as the movements of regulars on the street (sketched from the window of Hungry Jacks in Kensington).


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A collection of incidents, memories and experiences shared with friends. These works explored gestures of individual figures using dribble technique. This gave me the initial appreciation of this technique which is predominant in my work today.


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Paintings from the Little Desert in North West Victoria, Australia as well as urban landscapes from around Melbourne.

Figure studies

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Here you can find examples of my figure drawings, which forms the basis of my finished works.